The Rose is par excellence the most beautiful flower of all time, but certainly it's not so handy: "there is no rose without thorns", in fact, we are used to saying by extension about thousands of problems that even something beautiful can have in store for us.

Yet the Lisiánthus, refined, simple, and elegant flower, is proposed by the most renowned florist just as "the rose without thorns" because of its long stem, smooth and supple.

In summary: the Lisiánthus is a flower that defies tradition due to its elegance and versatility, presenting itself in all its delicate beauty as a valid alternative to Her Majesty the Rose.

If by "rose" we mean the big brands of leather goods of the fashion world, Lisiánthus, in name and in fact, is the project of young creative director Massimiliano Mastrangelo. He is only sixteen and with determination and creativity, he is imposing his brand of luxury handbags in a field where competition is very high and where he is carving out a respectable niche.

Besides, the bags branded Lisiánthus are reserved for an exclusive niche of customers for which luxury is a perfect equation of the finest leathers along with the originality of design and absolutely crafted by hand in Italy. Fine details and perfect finishes, ça va sans dire, make Lisiánthus a trademark of Italian excellence on a par with other more renowned and well-established.

There are children who take their first steps to learn how to walk and others that move them to learn how to run. This last bold category certainly includes Massimiliano Mastrangelo, who as a child showed all his love for beauty and art, realizing paintings, while other kids barely scribbled all over. Walk or run?

Mastrangelo has always been run in his life, aided by chance or fate, like when one day he designed his first bag followed by dozens of others. Even he, like any artist, can explain what moves his hand on that fateful day, but electrocuted by that creation, decided to believe in this dream, also thanks to the positive feedback for his sketches.

It was therefore an almost obvious step to realize the first prototype in the industrial district where the bags of the most prestigious worldwide fashion brands are made, as well as the choice of the name of the brand, Lisiánthus, symbol of grace and elegance because of its soft and minimalist allure.

The American actress Kelly Rutherford, known throughout the world for starring in cult TV series such as "Melrose Place" and "Gossip Girl", is totally in love with this brand. Mastrangelo, connected to her by a sincere friendship, wanted to dedicate to her the Miss Rutherford, certainly the most iconic among his models, including Rorò (dedicated to his mother) and the Micro Rorò.

Every bag is created for sophisticated and cultured customers, capable of fully understanding and appreciating his personal concept of luxury that coincides with as argued by Coco Chanel: “People believe that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It isn't. It is the opposite of vulgarity", which has unfortunately been predominant in our society for a long time, especially among the nouveau riches.

In his personal crusade in the name of true beauty and grace, Massimiliano Mastrangelo is studying expansion strategies to launch the brand internationally. Only sixteen, at the company he oversees every step in the realization of his bags, he is attentive to every detail because the details make the difference, he is entrepreneur and designer. Massimiliano Mastrangelo is a dreamer whose feet are firmly on the ground. He imagines and creates.

His artistic talent blends perfectly with his pragmatic verve and his run has just begun...


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